ISSTA 2024
Mon 16 - Fri 20 September 2024 Vienna, Austria
co-located with ISSTA/ECOOP 2024
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One Size Does Not Fit All: Multi-Granularity Patch Generation for Better Automated Program Repair

Technical Papers People: Bo Lin, Shangwen Wang, Ming Wen, Liqian Chen, Xiaoguang Mao

… …

Uncovering and Mitigating the Impact of Code Obfuscation on Dataset Annotation with Antivirus Engines

Technical Papers People: Cuiying Gao, Yueming Wu, Heng Li, Wei Yuan, Haoyu Jiang, Qidan He, Yang Liu

… accept the decisions of all engines. In reality, however, these engines have … all engines indiscriminately is unreasonable for dataset annotation. Therefore …, compared to using all the engines. …

Prospector: Boosting Directed Greybox Fuzzing for Large-scale Target Sets with Iterative Prioritization

Technical Papers People: Zhijie Zhang, Liwei Chen, Haolai Wei, Gang Shi, Dan Meng

all targets simultaneously. However, not all targets hold equal importance … that blindly tracking all targets diverts computing resources from critical …. We evaluate Prospector on 24 programs by setting all sanitizer labels …

Call Graph Soundness in Android Static Analysis

Technical Papers People: Jordan Samhi, René Just, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé, Michael D. Ernst, Jacques Klein

… Static analysis is sound in theory, but an implementation may unsoundly fail to analyze all of a program’s code. Any such omission is a serious threat …, such as EdgeMiner, capturing all callbacks in the Android framework …

Empirical Study of Move Smart Contract Security: Introducing MoveScan for Enhanced Analysis

Technical Papers People: Shuwei Song, Jiachi Chen, Ting Chen, Xiapu Luo, Teng Li, Wenwu Yang, Leqing Wang, Weijie Zhang, Feng Luo, Zheyuan He, Yi Lu, Pan Li

… essential meta-information, and detects all eight defect types. By leveraging MoveScan, we uncover 97,169 defects across all 37,302 deployed contracts …

Neurosymbolic Repair of Test Flakiness

Technical Papers People: Yang Chen, Reyhaneh Jabbarvand

… ) flakiness. They are also all symbolic approaches, i.e., leverage program analysis … previously unfixed flaky tests in real-world projects. We opened pull requests for all

Isolation-Based Debugging for Neural Networks

Technical Papers People: Jialuo Chen, Jingyi Wang, Youcheng Sun, Peng Cheng, Jiming Chen

… across all tasks. IDNN is publicly available at [1]. …

CLAP: Learning Transferable Binary Code Representations with Natural Language Supervision

Technical Papers People: Hao Wang, Zeyu Gao, Chao Zhang, Zihan Sha, Mingyang Sun, Yuchen Zhou, Wenyu Zhu, Wenju Sun, Han Qiu, Xi Xiao

… analysis all demonstrate exceptional performance. Notably, without any task-specific …

Your "Notice" is Missing: Detecting and Fixing Violations of Modification Terms in Open Source Licenses during Forking

Technical Papers People: Kaifeng Huang, Yingfeng Xia, Bihuan Chen, Siyang He, Huazheng Zeng, Zhuotong Zhou, Jin Guo, Xin Peng

… . These licenses all require certain forms of ``notice'' to describe the modifications made …

Fuzzing JavaScript Interpreters with Coverage-Guided Reinforcement Learning for LLM-based Mutation

Technical Papers People: Jueon Eom, Seyeon Jeong, Taekyoung Kwon

… while minimizing syntax and semantic errors, all without needing extra post …

Synthesis of Sound and Precise Storage Cost Bounds via Unsound Resource Analysis and Max-SMT

Technical Papers People: Elvira Albert, Jesús Correas, Pablo Gordillo, Guillermo Román-Díez, Albert Rubio

… the largest cost for all situations, as done in existing gas analyzers, is an overly …

UniTSyn: A Large-Scale Dataset Capable of Enhancing the Prowess of Large Language Models for Program Testing

Technical Papers People: Yifeng He, Jiabo Huang, Yuyang Rong, Yiwen Guo, Ethan Wang, Hao Chen

… accuracy and code coverage across all evaluated programming languages. Code …

Synthesizing Boxes Preconditions for Deep Neural Networks

Technical Papers People: Zengyu Liu, Liqian Chen, Wanwei Liu, Ji Wang

… and continuously reduces overhead throughout all designed heuristics. The check phase …

Automated Program Repair via Conversation: Fixing 162 out of 337 bugs for $0.42 each using ChatGPT

Technical Papers People: Chunqiu Steven Xia, Lingming Zhang

… that failed to pass all tests, we combine the incorrect patches …. For earlier patches that passed all the tests (i.e., plausible patches), we …

LPR: Large Language Models-Aided Program Reduction

Technical Papers People: Mengxiao Zhang, Yongqiang Tian, Zhenyang Xu, Yiwen Dong, Shin Hwei Tan, Chengnian Sun

programs, taking 10.77%, 34.88%, 36.96% less time than Vulcan to
finish all

Traceback: A Fault Localization Technique for Molecular Programs

Technical Papers People: Michael C. Gerten, James I. Lathrop, Myra Cohen

… tuning of Trace-
back when all tests, or only code-based (invariant) tests …

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Decompilers

Technical Papers People: Ying Cao, Runze Zhang, Ruigang Liang, Kai Chen

… has about 55% accuracy at almost all optimization, which contradicts the common …

Maltracker: A Fine-Grained NPM Malware Tracker Copiloted by LLM-Enhanced Dataset

Technical Papers People: Zeliang Yu, Ming Wen, Xiaochen Guo, Hai Jin

… learning-based methods}. Moreover, the key components of Maltracker~all

Equivalent Mutants in the Wild: Identifying and Efficiently Suppressing Equivalent Mutants for Java Programs

Technical Papers People: Benjamin Kushigian, Samuel Kaufman, Ryan Featherman, Hannah Potter, Ardi Madadi, René Just

… . Additionally, we analyzed all 9,047 equivalent mutants reported by any tool …

One-to-One or One-to-Many? Suggesting Extract Class Refactoring Opportunities with Intra-class Dependency Hypergraph Neural Network

Technical Papers People: Di Cui, Qiangqiang Wang, Yutong Zhao, Jiaqi Wang, Minjie Wei, Jingzhao Hu, wangluqiao , Qingshan Li

… and assign attributes to nodes with a pre-trained code model. All the attributed …

DBStorm: Generating Various Effective Workloads for Testing Isolation Levels

Technical Papers People: Keqiang Li, Siyang Weng, Lyu Ni, Chengcheng Yang, Rong Zhang, Xuan Zhou, Aoying Zhou

… a generic framework that utilizes conflict graphs to manage all conflicts …

Synthesis-based Enhancement for GUI Test Case Migration

Technical Papers People: Yakun Zhang, Qihao Zhu, Jiwei Yan, Chen Liu, Wenjie Zhang, Yifan Zhao, Dan Hao, Lu Zhang

… in the target app, MigratePro first combines all the GUI states related …

Precise Compositional Buffer Overflow Detection via Heap Disjointness

Technical Papers People: Yiyuan Guo, Peisen Yao, Charles Zhang

… by shrinking the program state space so that all the symbolic locations involved …

SelfPiCo: Self-Guided Partial Code Execution with LLMs

Technical Papers People: Zhipeng Xue, Zhipeng Gao, Shaohua Wang, Xing Hu, Xin Xia, Shanping Li

… execute 57.3% and 71.1% of all lines in the open-source code and Stack Overflow …